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Questions Week #5

Posted in Uncategorized by filizefe on February 3, 2009

1-      Vannevar Bush in his article “As We May Think” introduces “Memex” which later referred as the basis of the Internet. This article was published right after World War II and Bush was one of the active scientists of the war. What do you think the social influences of the war on the pace of his projects?


Here is a link of a movie clip on You Tube about Vannevar Bush…


2-      The government, the business sector and the individual users of the communication technologies have been trying to get in charge of the media and the message throughout the history. Do we need a controlling system over the media? If so, who should be in charge managing this important responsibility?


3-      After the Titanic incident, a chaos of wireless communication took place. What happens if a disaster occurs in the present? Ref. Cowan – A Social History of American Technology


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  1. mgm5 said, on February 9, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Filiz, interesting questions, Hurricane Katrina would be interesting to look at for #3. Don’t forget to post a post-class reflection about presenting. I didn’t see it anywhere on your blog. Loved your Powerpoint presentation. Meg

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