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Planning the “UWTwitterBook”

Posted in Uncategorized by filizefe on July 8, 2009

Taking into consideration that we are a diverse group of people, devoting a particular period of time, effort and different levels of experience to a book in a very short period of time, we need to clarify the macro and micro goals by getting help from the editor of the book and the instructor of our class, Kathy E. Gill.

I don’t perceive this as she will be dominating the ideas, but enlightening the group of researchers (us) with her vision and knowhow both in the subject and the academic literature. May be because of cultural differences or scientific considerations (the reason does not matter indeed), I still feel in the observation and learning phase where my ideas are still infant, not confident to stand alone yet. That’s why I put my step back to draw big pictures in the subject while I am working hard to develop my knowledge to a desired level that I am satisfied with.

That being said, I am ready to work and research more like a soldier, rather than a decision-maker in this course project. I’d prefer to be assigned with a mission, which is related with my background knowledge and skills. I believe I can show my creativity and opinions much better in that limited area.

In conclusion, as soon as the final shape of our macro goal is given by our editor and instructor, I am ready to start researching on which category we decide to move on. Either the book is organized to point out one sector or multiple categories; I see my role as a visual communicator and content creator to research and examine the following:

–          the use and integration of visual communication on Twitter,

–          the contribution of images to verbal communication which is limited with 140 characters,

–          best business practices where verbal communication is supported by the visuals.


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