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Best Practices: Who to TRUST and Why?

Posted in Uncategorized by filizefe on July 21, 2009

Twitter is a great platform to share useful links and resources. Since I’ve been researching the activities of visual communication related organizations and brands on Twitter, I had the chance to compare their presence and engagement to their communities. My own experience made me understand that, in order to start building trust and relationship:
– Being followed is not enough
– Get a customized auto reply is not enough
– Fancy background with a corporate logo?….No, not enough
– Follower reputation? …Yeah, maybe a little
– Enjoying the links is not enough
– Being ReTweeted is not enough
– Being recommended on #FollowFriday is not enough
– …
My aha moment was when I realized that there are some people out there, “listening” and “answering”, communicating, sharing their ideas with me behind these “dry” 140 characters. And that was the first time I felt like we were somehow connected and building up our relationship.
When I got in touch with them, @KodakCG and @CreativeReview immediately started communicating/sharing with me and that’s why I found these brands trustworthy and worth to examine as a best practice.


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