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Ah-ha Moment on Twitter

Posted in Uncategorized by filizefe on August 4, 2009

Creating meaning with words always seemed abstract to me. Twitter is the most abstract social media tool in this sense. I’ve been resisting using Twitter for a long time for this reason. May be I was afraid to take a step up to the stage where I was not able to use visuals to support my speech and tie down the meaning. How could I build a relationship where the common expression is with word and even worse; under 140 characters?

First I started with observing what was going on this platform. I realized that twitter reputation is related with how many followers you have. A profile’s currency and its territory are represented by the number of its population.

I started examining some profiles and used our class template for my report. After I posted my @KodakCB and @CreativeReview profile reports to our course blog, I decided to share the links with the profile owners on Twitter. In a couple of hours I started to get RT and replies. And short after that, we exchanged e-mails, we carried our communication to other social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

I was stuck with the idea that Twitter is a platform limited with words, which was extremely difficult for me to build relationships. My ah-ha moment was when I realized that Twitter could be a great step to start, build and expand relationships on social media.


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