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Posted in Uncategorized by filizefe on August 4, 2009

I’ve used various tools to pick my profiles during my research about the organization/brand profiles related with the visual communication field:

1- Twitter People Search (specific brand names)

2- Twitter Keyword Search (visual, communication, photography, creative, design, image…)

3- Twitter Directories (WeFollow & TrackingTwitter)

4- Google

5- Google Finance (searching for brand competitors)

6- Visual communication related individuals and their following lists

I realized that many corporate visual communication brands do not have a presence on Twitter yet. Some of the well known brands and organizations have been using Twitter but most of them are not paying attention to their profile descriptions and keywords, which make them invisible during search.

Visual communication is not classified on Twitter directories yet. In WeFollow there is only one representative of “photography” category. These profiles does not reach millions of followers, so it can be called as a niche category to deal with on Twitter.


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