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Class Reflection – Learning Goals

Posted in reflection by filizefe on October 8, 2009

Reference: COM 548 – Economics of Digital Communication – Instructor Kathy Gill

MCDMUniversity of Washington

If I were an artist, I would try to stay away from the economics of creative process: Dealing with the production costs or profit margins is definitely not inspiring. But I am not an artist: I am a “Creative Professional”. In other words, I am doing business by using my creative skills. Economics is the heart of business.

I have almost no theoretical background in economics, but I took executive roles in corporate communications for 10 years in Turkey and in Europe. This professional empiric education taught me how to make good economic estimations about the possible impacts of public relations projects. I’ve always found myself negotiating my project budgets with business executives. The ones I got succeed were the pitches in which I displayed a good economic approach. When I was able to demonstrate my project in “numbers”, my clients were more likely to buy it. I believe the business executives like short presentations and they are not interested how “creative” the project is; they are interested in the “value” of the project.

I switched my career to digital communications by pursuing a degree in Digital Media. I improved my skills in using all sorts of digital media tools and gained critical thinking. I learned how to listen, converse and engage in digital media and the significance of this behavior in business. I learned new ways in research and presentation. Now, I need to learn how to monetize my capital.

In this class, I want to gain an economic approach by improving my knowledge in the current practices in the digital market. Hopefully this approach will help me to better understand the online business practices and to create valuable projects in my professional future.


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  1. kegill said, on October 13, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    There are key differences between “economics” and “budgets” — the former is more theoretical and the later more, umm, practical. 🙂

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