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Build a Strong Online Portfolio in 9 Steps: A strategic approach for designing a portfolio and building a site in WordPress

Posted in portfolio by filizefe on April 11, 2011

If your career goal involves content creation and digital media management, you need to maintain control of your online identity by building a portfolio website. This past weekend in the MCDM, we’ve discussed the fundamentals of creating an effective online portfolio. If you haven’t had the chance to attend this workshop, this 9-step tutorial presentation will give you an outline for developing a content strategy, selecting appropriate work for publication, as well as building and maintaining your portfolio without falling into common pitfalls.


Class Reflection – How to differentiate content in this “free” space?

Posted in reflection by filizefe on October 29, 2009

How to differentiate content in this “free” space?

Digital content, regardless of its’ origin, is a type of information. In this sense, content creators produce information. In order to differentiate your information from other information in free space, you need to get into the habit of viewing your content as solely “information”.

  1. Content should have a place: You need to collect your content under your domain name or at least on a blog or a SNS page. Think this is your office address on your business card, where you drive people from other locations and redirect people from it.
  2. Content should have neighbors: There is almost no marginal cost to copy and place your content on different platforms. You need to take place on different platforms (communities) and create links (connections) between your locations. As @yush said “The Internet connected our hard drives, and social media connected our minds”. We need to connect with other minds through social media.
  3. Content should be visible: In other words “searchable”. Every digital content on the internet should be tagged/keywords, linked or embedded in order to increase the potential of visibility.
  4. Content should have a value: You need to think and create different layers of information to represent your content. Chris Anderson would call creating scarcity in abundance. As @kegill mentioned in COM 548, “It is not easy to make people buy something online, if they find it somewhere else or something close (good) enough”.